Queen Alexandra Of Great Britain Queen Victoria’s Daughter-in-law, Bertie’s Patient Wife, And Her Personal Individual


Soon after the Prince had replied to the address the Royal procession passed via the city to the Crystal Palace, the streets getting gay with flags, banners, evergreens, transparencies and eight, far more or much less, handsome arches. Meanwhile, the vital matter of education had been occupying the attention of the Queen and her husband. In special lines of study such as Art and Music there had been several instructors for the young Prince as nicely as for the rest of the family—the Rev. Charles Tarver getting his classical tutor, Sir Edwin Landseer an instructor in the art of painting and Mr. E. H. Corbould his teacher in water-colours. For the duration of six hundred years there had been from time to time a Prince of Wales. The first was the son of Edward I., but the title was by no means made hereditary, and there have been periods, totalling altogether 288 years, in which it lay dormant.

The Prince of Wales was now King Edward VIII. But there was a single problem—Wallis Simpson. Due to her status as a divorcée, the new king, now head of the Anglican Church, was forbidden from marrying his beloved and producing her queen. On one particular occasion the Prince of Wales had received a shipment of gramophone records from the United States. “While the brothers roared with laughter, the Duke had us ducking and dodging like rabbits,” Thelma remembered. The parallels with the current feud in between Prince William and Prince Harry are striking. But for George VI and the Duke of Windsor, the stakes were considerably higher—with the globe in turmoil due to Globe War II, their private family feud had the possible to alter the course of history.

Prince Albert visited Blair-Atholl in 1844 they only took with them the small Princess Royal. It have to have needed no widespread discipline and self-control to bear such penalties as those, inflicted by the tongue of scandal, and at the identical time to workout that invariable discretion in reference to the terrific interests of State which we all admired so a great deal in His Majesty when he was Prince of Wales. “It was a really pretty ceremony, fraught with the symbolism that right here was the heir to the British throne, the descendant of George III, planting a tree to cast a living shade on the final resting place of George Washington.

Christened Albert Edward at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on 25 January 1842, he was recognized as “Bertie” throughout his life. As the eldest son of a British Sovereign, he was automatically Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Excellent Steward of Scotland, from birth. Queen Victoria developed her son Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester on eight December,1841. He was made Earl of Dublin and a Knight of the Garter on 9 November 1853 and a Knight of the Thistle on 24 May 1867.

As the Queen died on the Isle of Wight, her body was carried on board the HMY Alberta with a number of yachts taking the mourners and King Edward VII to Gosport in Hampshire and then by train to Victoria station in London. In the second week of January, the Queen’s physicians identified she had suffered from a series of minor strokes, and the finish was coming. Her death marked the end see it here of an era where a lot of of her subjects knew no other monarch. Her 63-year reign was the longest in British history, until Queen Elizabeth II. Edward VII passed away in 1910 and right after him his second son King George V was coroneted as the Emperor of United Kingdom.

When with some embarrassment she replied that Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort would not be able to do with out their two young children, he exclaimed, “Not do with out us! Don’t fancy that, for there are six additional of us at household, and they do not want us” but it have to have hardly be added that this naïve exclamation did not have the desired effect, and the young individuals duly returned residence with their parents. It is a curious fact that King Edward visited Ireland, and, as we have seen, Cornwall, Wales, and Scotland, and produced an fantastic impression upon the “Celtic fringe” ahead of he was brought ahead of the public notice of his future English subjects. Capability which Mr. Bartley showed that she engaged him to give lessons in elocution to her eldest son, who definitely profited by them, to judge by the ability which His Majesty afterwards showed as a public speaker. “We then mounted our ponies, Bertie riding Grant’s pony on the deer-saddle, and getting led by a gillie, Grant walking by his side.” Grant, it should be explained, was head keeper, and much trusted by the Queen and Prince Albert, and for him was constructed a fairly lodge known as Croft, a mile from Balmoral. “We scrambled up an pretty much perpendicular spot to exactly where there was a tiny box, created of hurdles and interwoven with branches of fir and heather, about 5 feet in height.

An increasing degree of deafness, caused by hereditary otosclerosis, led to Alexandra’s social isolation she spent a lot more time at home with her youngsters and pets. Her sixth and final pregnancy ended with the birth of a son in April 1871, but the infant died the next day. Even though Alexandra was faithful and fairly religious, the Prince of Wales under no circumstances changed his colorful way of life and took a succession of mistresses. None of this was a secret to Alexandra but she chose to ignore it rather than make a scene or trigger further scandal.

On the following day an address was presented by the Municipality of Benares and answered, a Levée held, the foundation-stone of a Hospital laid, the Rajah of Vizianagram visited, the well-known Temples inspected. At sunset the Prince embarked in a galley and went 4 miles up the Ganges to the old Fort of Ramnagar, exactly where he was received at a carpeted and decorated landing-spot by the Maharajah of Benares and witnessed a gorgeous spectacle of illuminated river and battlements. Preceded by spearsmen and banners, carried in gold and silver chairs, passing involving lines of cavalry, accompanied by elephants and the continual strains of wild music, the host and his Royal guest then went to the Castle. From the roof was seen a further charming sight—the Ganges and its banks and terraces so lit up as to appear like a myriad of tiny stars passing between banks of flaming gold.

In the ensuing election, Gladstone’s celebration lost to Salisbury’s and the government switched hands again. On two March 1882, Roderick Maclean, a disgruntled poet apparently offended by Victoria’s refusal to accept a single of his poems, shot at the Queen as her carriage left Windsor railway station. Gordon Chesney Wilson and a further schoolboy from Eton College struck him with their umbrellas, until he was hustled away by a policeman. Victoria was outraged when he was located not guilty by explanation of insanity, but was so pleased by the a lot of expressions of loyalty following the attack that she mentioned it was “worth becoming shot at—to see how considerably 1 is loved”.

Incidentally, it may possibly be added, the Prince met Longfellow, Emerson, Holmes and other people through his stay in Boston. On October 20th he reached Portland and, amid roaring cannon, ringing bells and crowds of cheering persons passed from the shores of America to his ship in the ranks of a British squadron and thence dwelling to the British Isles. On November 15th, His Royal Highness arrived at Plymouth and shortly afterwards the Duke of Newcastle received the Order of the Garter from the Queen as a token of her appreciation of his conduct for the duration of the Royal tour. Beneath date of December 8th Her Majesty communicated to the American President, by means of Lord Lyons, her good satisfaction at “the feeling of confidence and affection” which had been shown upon this occasion by the men and women of the United States towards herself and her country. From St. Louis the Prince proceeded to Cincinnati, in Ohio, and on the evening of September 29th attended a ball offered by an enterprising citizen who had just erected a handsome new theatre.

She died from a cerebral hemorrhage on 22 January 1901 at Osborne Residence on the Isle of Wight. She was succeeded by King Edward VII who, taking his dynastic title from his father’s side, became the very first monarch of the Home of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Victoria was less than a year old when her grandfather George III died, and her uncle George IV succeeded to the throne.